Der Jiddische Samowar - The Jewish Samovar

Der Jiddische samowar

The newest album by Esther containes the Jewish folk songs, this time exclusively in Yiddish. The original score by Lesik gave a nontraditional look to the songs. The wide palette of adaptation ranges from a simple song with an accordion to the so called world music.

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    Samples and texts of songs:

  1. Ojfn Pripetschik (In the oven)
  2. Amol is gewen a majsse (There was once a story)
  3. Rajsele (Raisele)
  4. Nissim (Miracles)
  5. Hot a Jid (Has a Jew)
  6. Chanele (Hannah)
  7. Wi asoj (How can I be frolicate)
  8. Der Samowar (Samovar)
  9. Aj dy dy (Aj dy dy)
  10. Schwarze Karschelech (Black cherries)
  11. Diregelt (The rent)
  12. Reb Dovidl (Rabi Davíd)
  13. Ojfn Pripetschik 2 (In the oven 2)