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Lesik in the rock music group Married Couples - MANŽELÉ

Charitative activity: Katia recommends pages on Devitalization of Tumors, which are prepared by her husband Martin on his website: www.martin-tlusty.euweb.cz.

Jewish music
www.jewishmusic.com - CDs to listen
jukebox -- of radio Arutz 7 -- to listen
eiskografie.htm - mentioning Esther

Jewish culture
Jewish Community Prague
Jewish Museum Prague
Bejt Simcha Prague (House of Joy)
Chagall windows (in Hadassah) with a link "Chagall"

Pages on Israel
Live camera on the Wailing wall
Live camera on the Ascension Chapel on the Mount of Olives
other live cameras in Israel
Live broadcasting of Israeli Radio 7
Elyakim Haetzni: We Will Not Be Czechoslovakia!

News and Views from Israel:

News Ticker provided by GAMLA

Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Martyrs´ and Heroes´Remembrance Authority
The Terezín Memorial