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12 textů z CD “Der Jiddische Samowar”:
1.  Ojfn Pripetschik   (In the stove)

2.  Amol is gewen a majsse   (There was a story)
3.  Rajsele   (Raisele)
4.  Nissim   (Miracles)
5.  Hot a Jid   (A Jew has)
6.  Chanele   (Hannah)
7.  Wi asoj   (How could I laugh)
8.  Der Samowar   (The Samovar)
9.  Aj dy dy   (Ai dy dy)
10. Schwarze Karschelech   (Black cherries)
11. Diregelt   (A rent)
12. Reb Dovidl   (Rabbi Davíd)

1. Ojfn Pripetschik

Ojfn Pripetschik brent a Fajerl
un in Schtub is hejss
un der Rebbe lernt klejne Kinderlech
Deem Alef bejss.

A fire burns in the stove, the room is warm
and rabbi teaches small children a (hebrew) alphabeth.

2. Amol is gewen a majsse

Amol is gewen a majsse,
di majsse is gor nit frejlech,
di majsse hejb sich on
mit a Jidischn mejlech.

Ref.: Lulinke majn fejgele,
lulinke majn kind,
ch ´hob on geworn asa libe,
wej is mir un wind.

Amol is gewen a mejlech,
der mejlech hot gehat a malke,
di malke hot gehat a wajngortn
um in wajngortn is gewen a bejmele.

Dos bejmele hot gehat a zwajgele,
ojfn zwajgele is gewen a nestele,
in nestele hot gelebt a fejgele,
und dos fejgele hot gehat fingele.

Der mejlech is obgeschtorbn,
di malke is geworn fardorbn,
dos zwajgele is obgebrochn,
dos fejgele awek geflojgn.

Wu nemt men asa chochem,
er sol kenen majne wund zejlen,
wu nemt men asa dokter,
er sol kenen majn hartz hejlen?

3. Rajsele

Schtejt sich do in gesele schtil fartracht a hajsele,
drinen ojfn bojdm schtibl wojnt majn tajter Rajsele.
Jedn owent farn hajsl drej sich arum,
ch ´gib a fajf un ruf ojs: Rajsl, kum, kum, kum.

Efent sich a fensterl, wacht ojfs alte hajsele,
un balt klingt in schtiln gesl
a sis kol, s ret Rajsele:Noch a wajle wart, majn liber,
balt wel ich sajn fraj, gej sich a pormol iber, ejns, zwej, draj.

Gej ich sich a frejlecher, sing un knak mir niselech,
her ich ojf di treplech schpringen ire drobne fiselech,
schojn arob funm letztn trepl ch nem si lib arum,
ch gib ir schtil a kusch in kepl, kum, kum, kum.

The hidden house stands still, inside of the small room,
my dear Raisele lives.
I am walking around and call:
Raisl, come, come, come!

4. Nissim

´ch wel derzejln do far ajch nissim fun rabejim,
un zusamen ale glajch weln mir sich frejen.
Fun Pauster, fun Pakuster, fun dem Sadje Goher,
nissim as di hor fun kop weln sich schteln kapohjer.

Tschiribim, tschiribom...

What our Rabbi did, the scuttlebutt are spread,
It was not only illusion and a trick,
as you will discern alone.
At Pauster, Pakuster,
at Sadje Goher too,
Up till today they remember
his miracles.

5. Hot a Jid

Hot a Jid a vábele
hot a váb a Jidele,
hot a Jid a Jid a Jid a Jid a vábele.

Sureňu, majn váb ot a kígl gemacht,
fin mitvoch in der frý,
bis frátyk ba der nacht.

Hot a Jid a vábele,
hot er mit ír córes,
chapt er zí bám gergele
in šlukt mit ír kapůres.

Oj, oj, oj, der šábes is šojn du,
der šůlet is verbrent, a gewajn is in der šu.

A Jew has a wife, and a wife has a Jew.
My wife was cooking “keegl” since Wednesday morning
up till Friday evening.

A Jew has a wife, and he has suffering with her.
He will hold her throat, and rotate with her around.

Oi, oi, shabat is already here, Shoulet is burnt,
cry is here for the whole hour.

6. Chanele

Bin ich mir a lererl um lern loschon kojdesch.
Kumt zu mir a Chanele lernen ojfn chojdesch.
A jetweder frimorgn is kumt zu mir zu lojfn.
Lern ich mit Chanele ojf a najen ojfn.

Rosch fatajsch ich Chanele glethdik ir kepl.
Fragt si wos tapuach mejnt, was ich ir an epl.
Un as es kumt zu dem schir haschirim sogn,
hejbn unsre herzelech schterker on zu schlogn.

Ich lern alem Chanele, wil kejn sach nit hipn.
Kumt zu jeschukeni, kusch ich ire lipn.
Kumt zu techafkeni, mach ich nit kejn schijes,
ch nem arum majn Chanelen, oj is dos a naches.

Kumt si in frimorgn si zu mir scholen.
Un as si gejt awek, blajb ich wi in chulem -
Es gejt awek a woch, es gejt awek a chojdesch.
Un di schejne Chanele ken schojn loschon kojdesch.

I am a teacher, and I teach a "holy language”.
Hanele is coming to me,
to learn, every week.
She is running here early in the morning, and I teach Chanele.

I am telling her, what is “rosch”, and I stroke her head.
She is asking, what “tapuach” means, it is an apple,
and when we came to “shir hashirim”,
our hearts begun to beat more strongly.

I teach Chanele everything, I do not want to skip anything.
When we come to “yeshukeni”, I am kissing her lips.
I hug Chanele... it is a joy for us.

She comes early in the morning, and when she leaves,
I have no peace.
So she is coming every week, and the beautiful
Chanele already knows the “holy language”.

7. Wi asoj

Wi asoj ken ich lusstig sajn,
As farschtert senen mir majne Wegn?
As ich dermon mich on sajn schejn Ponim,
Wi asoj ken ich lebn?
Ich ess un trink un schlof baj Nacht,
Nor majn Harz is mir fartracht.
Wi asoj...

How could I be joyous,

8. Der Samowar

Baj majn Baleboss is farhan a Dos,
schejdim wejssn, wos is dos.

Mit a grobn Bojch, mit a kurzn Hals,
mit a dschijrij-dschim-dschim Kol.

Git men im a Drej, git fun im a Goss,
schejdim wejssn, wos is doss?

At my farmer
there was always a strange vessel,
but who knows, where it is?

With a fatty belly, short neck
and with the noise Chiri - Chim - Chim.

When something is turned,
a hot shower comes out of it,
but who knows what it is?

9. Ai dy dy

(píseň je bez textu)

10. Schwarze Karschelech

Schwarze karschelech tejs men, grine lost men schtejn,
schejne mejdelech nemt men, mise lost men gejn.

Oj wej is zu mir un wej is zu majne pur juer,
a libe hob ich farfirt fejlike drajfertl juer.

Wus tojgt di polke, masurke, as tanzn ich sej nischt,
wus tojgt mir dos mejdel fun Wurke,
as libn libt sej mich nischt.

Wus tojt mir der najer walez, as tanzn tanz ich im nischt,
wus tojgt mir dos mejdel fun Schiletz,
as libn libt sej mich nischt.

We pluck the black cherries, but green ones we leave there,
nice girls we pick up, the lizzies we let go.

What are polka, mazurka for, when I do not dance,
What is the girl from Wurke for,
when she does not love me?

What is the waltz for, when I do not dance it,
What is the girl from Schiletz for,
when she does not love me?

11. Diregelt

Diregelt un oj oj oj, diregelt un boshemoj,
diregelt un gardewoj, diregelt mus men zoln!
Kumt arejn der struhs, nemt er arob dos hitl,
un as men zolt kejn diregelt, hengt er arojs a kwitl, diregelt un oj oj oj!

Komt arejn der balabus mitn grobn schtekn,
un as men zolt kejn diregelt, schtelt er arojs di betn.

Farwos sol ich zoln diregelt, as di kich is zerbrochn,
farwos sol ich ajch zoln diregelt,
as ich hob nischt ojf wos zu kochn.

The rent, oi oi oi,
We must pay a rent.
An officer is coming inside,
and when we do not pay a rent,
he would put a label on the gate.

A farmer would enter inside and looks angry,
when you do not pay the rent, he would throw the beds out.

What can I use for paying the rent,
when they disassembled my kitchen,
What can I use for paying the rent,
and how can I cook?

12. Reb Dovidl

Reb Dovidl, oj oj oj oj, Reb Dovidl is gewen in Wasilkow,
un hajnt lejnt er in Talne! Oj oj oj oj!!!

Rabbi Davídek goes to Wasilkov,
but he had to teach at Talna! - Oi oi oi!

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